Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recovery Theatre Responds to Negative Article

Geoffrey SF Recovery Theatre Says:

*Let me get this straight…a world renowned curator comes to the Tenderloin, interfaces with the residents, community service providers, local artist, residents, etc. Incorporates their talents, needs wants and wishes into a highly visible, totally accessible art exhibition for all to see and participate in. Not get paid or have enough for salaries or instillation rental, but there is a complaint that “my concerns lie with the framework of the project as a whole.”

As a “local” artist this is the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

*Since this is the only involvement or contribution the Golden Gate Theater has ever made to the TL neighborhood, I for one applaud the spotlight being turned on them as the only ballet of life in their community they seem to support.

*Perhaps if you were, then you might see that a project like this will provide an alternative avenue for those trapped in a municipal containment zone. Much like in the movie District 9, a few may escape while Wonderland holds open the lens for the world to see

*Since the City won’t do it, why shouldn’t the residents benefit in any way they can from having new blood wondering through their land. The author of this article is trying to appear knowledgeable and well meaning but is just regurgitating surface discourse. It’s quite apparent the writer has not interviewed participating artist, otherwise she would know that there are 16 projects, plus the opening and not just 10. She would also be aware of the fact that the TL resident artist and supporting community believe so strongly in this event, they want to expand on the vision and do again in 2010.

If events like this don’t take place, at this level how is locally based grassroots performance art company like mine ever going to be seen…waiting on some “spare change grant” from the city….I don’t think so!

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