Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thank You.

The fabrication for Offstage is going swimmingly and we will begin install in a few days.

Offstage would like to take this opportunity to thank the many groups and individuals who have made this project a reality:

David Addington
Eric Aguilar

Rick Bates
Peter Belkin
Lance Fung
Casey Gray
Tomas H. Hazlett
Tyler Hurd
Joshua Keller
Joseph Lavera
Cathy Lu
John K. Melvin
Patrick Musni
Mitsu Overstreet
Chris Palmer
Dawn Roth Golden
Lisa Schmaltz
The Tenderloin Community Benefit District
Jessica Tai
Angela Thornton
Kerbi Urbanowski
Heather Van Winckle
Paulina Velazquez
The Warfield Theater
Elaine Zamora

And thanks to the residents of the Tenderloin, for allowing us to explore and engage with your dynamic neighborhood.

Korka, Christophe and Brandon.

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